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Register For 2024's Claudia's 5k:

Claudia's 5K: Call Out For Courage

Our annual 5k in memory of Claudia honors all those fighting the good fight. 
This year’s race will be October 19th.

Claudia's 5K

We all have our reasons for running! And whatever that reason is, combining our personal motivation with the heart behind certain races can create change. Claudia’s 5K: Call out for Courage is absolutely the type of race that blends well with that description. Bring your friends and family to walk or run in our efforts to bring awareness to the importance of ending the stigma, to honor Claudia and many people like her, and in an effort to encourage each of us to show up as we are.



Claudia Clayton

On May 30, 2019, we lost our friend Claudia Clayton to Bipolar Disorder. Claudia was a woman of courage who had deep love for all those in her life. She was a wonderful volunteer with icuTalks. Claudia was beloved by all of us, and to demonstrate the courage she so freely dispensed, icuTalks delights in hosting a 5K in her memory each year.

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